Walks around Moscow

During the week of my stay in Moscow on the way to Costa Rica, I literally fell in love with this city. A huge, but at the same time, a cozy metropolis fascinated me with its beauty.

First of all, we, of course, visited the Red Square – the most
popular place for all guests of the capital. No less than the Kremlin, I was impressed by the GUM, located directly opposite it, a unique shopping complex with a height of three floors and a length of a whole block. This is a real architectural monument, in which the shops of the world’s most famous brands are located. Signs and signs inside it are translated into different languages
especially for tourists coming to Moscow.

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An unforgettable impression made me a walk along the Arbat.
There are many interesting souvenir shops and cafes. Animators arrange on the street theater performances for tourists. We looked at the exhibition of jewelry and bought a nice matryoshka doll for memory.

Thanks to the Moscow metro, we managed to see a lot of interesting things in Moscow. On high-speed trains you can easily and quickly reach any part of the capital. For me, this is another attraction of Moscow, because each station is unique, and has its own unique style.

Once a walk through the center of the capital led us to an exhibition dedicated to the culture of Latin American countries. Bright artificial cacti flaunted next to live tropical plants and small palm trees in pots.

And just a few days later we flew to Costa Rica and saw palm trees
and cacti of incredible size in the natural habitat.


2 thoughts on “Walks around Moscow

  • 10.10.2019 at 17:43

    So many flowers over there, I like it!

    • 14.10.2019 at 06:38

      That`s true! Beautiful boulevard 🙂


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