About the ballet

The decision to move to Costa Rica was made. We had to finish a lot of things in Russia. One of the most important is to visit the ballet.

Parents told me that from early childhood, my favorite television channel was “Culture”. I froze, listening to symphonic music or opera singers, and to the ballerinas she looked as spellbound. I did not want to do ballet myself, but I always admired people who dedicated their lives to this art form. From the age of five girls and boys learn to keep their posture, perform complex graceful movements. After years of training, these fantastic people can show a beautiful dance that goes beyond the capabilities of the average person.

I had a dream to visit a real live performance. Our departure from Russia made us hurry with its implementation. It is known, “that in the field of ballet we are ahead of the whole planet.” When the choice arose – graduation day or “Swan Lake”, I did not hesitate to choose the second one.

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The huge hall of the Yekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater impressed me with the atmosphere of something grand.

The view was amazing! Without looking up, I watched the magic dance of girls and boys performing incredible movements, jumps, spinning to the beautiful music of PI. Tchaikovsky. The plot of Swan Lake is very touching, and the actors accurately conveyed the feelings and emotions of the main characters through the dance.

I really liked the performance! I left the room, full of unique emotions! My dream came true. It was only a little unfortunate that I would not be able to see this soon, so a month later I left Russia.

But it turned out that there are ballet in Costa Rica and in America. I plan to necessarily
its here to visit.


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