Flight to Costa Rica

On a trip to Costa Rica, everything was new for me, because earlier I had traveled outside the Sverdlovsk region only as a child.

We got to Moscow by train, stopped there in a cozy hotel. In the afternoon we tried to visit as many sights, walked along Red Square, and in the evenings we rested from the metropolitan bustle in a quiet and peaceful area.

Time flew by unnoticed, the day of departure arrived. Late in the night we took a taxi
to Domodedovo airport. When checking in for the flight it became clear that the weight of the luggage slightly exceeds the norm. I had to leave a couple of things at the airport. No more problems on the way
to the plane did not arise, and soon we flew to Frankfurt with the company Condor.
Our fellow traveler was a traveler and during the flight told about his trips to different countries. Therefore, the first flight ended very quickly. After 3 hours the plane landed in Germany. In the modern and beautiful airport of Frankfurt, we spent 5 hours in the transit zone, waiting for the next flight.

And then began a ten-hour flight across the ocean to the Dominican Republic with the same airline Condor. We were given cushions and blankets, we were fed three times, you could watch TV or watch our flight in real time, listen to music, sleep …
But ten hours in one position is incredibly long! And we were very pleased with the long-awaited landing at the Dominican airport of Punta Cana.

Paradise rest in the Dominican Republic lasted five days, then the flight continued. From the capital of Dominican Republic Santo Domingo (Las Americas airport) Condor took off for Costa Rica and two hours later landed in Alajuela (Juan Santamaria International airport). By taxi we got to the hotel booked in advance,
and on this our flight safely ended.

Costa Rica from the first minute impressed me with an abundance of fresh air! I was struck by the harmonious combination of modern infrastructure and nature. I realized that this country is absolutely unique!



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